In recent years, social media influencer marketing has turned into a great vehicle to drive up sales, create brand loyalty and awareness. It is now being used by all sorts of businesses, from SMEs and startups to major corporations and enterprises all around the globe.

Apart from all the benefits that using social media influencers brings to your business by promoting your brand, it can also be fun to cooperate with them and get know them personally. By allowing yourself or your in-house marketing department to get deeply involved in communications, content creation, content angles, stories, etc., while creating long lasting partnerships with your favorite influencers, everything should be ready to harvest the benefits for your business.

All sounds great, right? Sadly, the truth is far from perfect. Working with influencers can be quite challenging and time consuming. Want to know why? Here are the top 8 reasons you need a marketing agency to run your social media influencer campaigns for you:

1. Lack of creative input

Influencers deal with a lot of clients and they usually can’t offer you creative campaign ideas and storytelling strategies. Without those present in the project, you will end up with fake photos and dull reviews that would not make your brand stand out among other advertisers. Influencers can also be reluctant to give away their freedom when expressing their views with their audience and will be unreceptive if the brand wants to enforce their ideas on them.

Agencies that specialize in professional storytelling know how to cooperate with social media influencers to elevate the quality of the digital content while taking the individuality of the influencers, their communication methods, audience demographics and personal preferences into account.

2. Difficult communications

Influencers are busy people and any sort of negotiations with them about the fixed or additional fees, delivery time, and payment terms may risk the whole prospect of the partnership itself falling apart.

Agencies that have close relationships with their influencers know how to negotiate the best prices and conditions with them to make the agreement equally beneficial for both parties, saving brands the headache of having to go back and forth on each point

3) Better Prices

Influencers usually provide inflated prices when approached by brands. There are no fixed prices for their services and most in-house marketing teams don’t know how to measure and evaluate the prices they are provided.

Agencies can bring a lot of partnership opportunities for the influencers with different brands from different industries. This means we can get prices that are much lower compared to what is offered to brands and we know whether we are getting the right price or not.

4. Contracts

It is hard to sign a binding talent contract with influencers as laws and regulations in this regard can be very complicated.

When you have an agency as the medium to deal with your influencers, you won’t have to worry about your investment for when or if things go wrong.

5. Limited Editing Options

Limited Editing OptionsSometimes you may not get the content you were wishing for from your influencers. To make matters worse, brands usually lack the knowledge on what makes a social media content valuable and may not be able to identify the flaws. Even if they do, influencers usually either don’t perform edits, or provide little editing options with extra charges. This means if the content is not desirable they may not do much about it as most of their projects are one-off.

When we deal with social media influencers as industry know-hows, we can spot minor things and demand changes before the posts go live. Again, there is much more flexibility from the influencer’s side as there are always more projects coming from agencies.

6. Compensation Terms:

Most influencers either demand a big portion, or the whole agreed amount to be compensated before the content is created.

When you have agencies dealing with your influencers, you won’t have to make risky investments or worry about not getting the final results you want.

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7) Monitoring

Monitoring social media influencer campaigns can be quite hard especially if you have to deal with many influencers at the same time or you are running micro influencer campaigns with high participation.

We use different platforms, monitoring options and formulas to be able to monitor the status of the content and how it is affecting sales and reputation. We think you deserve frequent reports and updates, so you can focus on improving other areas of your business.

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8) Content Optimization

In most cases, influencers don’t know how to optimize the digital content they produce, use hashtags properly or abide by SEO rules. This means your digital content may never live up to its full potential.

We are online reputation and SEO experts which means your content will be in safe hands. We will make sure the content will show up in the search results and create brand exposure for you long after you are done with your campaign.