Influencer Marketing​

Increase sales with Influencer Marketing​ in Thailand

Influencer Marketing

If you are looking to create brand loyalty in today’s fast-paced digital world, Social Media Influencer marketing is what you need, no matter the size of your business. We offer influencer marketing campaigns tailored according to your needs on different social media platforms.​

  • Our long list of Social Media influencers includes talents from established and well-known net idols representing different niche industries, to fresh new faces on their way to fame. Our expertise ensures that your brand resonates in the hearts of Thai consumers for years to come
  • We know what Thai clients want. Our Creative storytelling and inclusive content strategies let your brand shine in the best light organically without being over-promotional.
  • Want to bring influencers to your events? Whether it is a national trade fair or a coffee shop opening, we have you covered. Our experts will further assist you in event planning to create the best results out of their presence before and after the event

The Top Three Platform for Influencers

  • Female Prefer Instagram
  • Male Prefer YouTube
  • 43% of 25-34 year old are especially likely to follow influencers in Facebook
  • 53% of 19-24 year-olds are especially likely to follow influencers on Instagrams
  • Most Popular Types of followed content on Instagram

Increase your Business Sales with Influencer Marketing in Bangkok

Build Brand Awareness

Influencers allow you to reach out to a wider audience and educate them about that you offer them.


Having an endorsement from an outside entity who has already found his/her way into hearts of a large group of people makes your brand look legitimate, trustworthy and reliable.


When other high traffic sites or content links to your website. It increases the number of search results. 

Return on Investment

If done right, influencers marketing can lead to 9X ROI, Which in many cases is a very good alternative to traditional forms of marketing


We can determine how many people potentially engage with your brand message via clicks, likes, reactions and shares.

Control Budget

Using different pricing models to influencers & micro-influencers would help to save cost.

Pricing Models

CPE (Cost per engagement), CPC (Cost per click), CPA (Cost per acquisition, Pay per post, Free product or experiences.


72% of social media users across platform (Facebook, Instagram, youtube) who follow an Influencers, follow Life Style Influencers

Who is Influencer?

  • Someone who has 10,000+ followers
  • Someone who brands engage with to help promote their products, services or messages
  • Someone who share information about products love
  • Someone who is expert in their field

How Influencers differ?

Number of Followers
Share more information in post
High Quality Post
Unique Mobile Users in Thailand
Active Mobile Social Users in Thailand

Why Influencer Marketing With Us?



Our data-centered approach and formulas allow us to create masterpiece content, whether it’s a dedicated YouTube review or an Instagram story that includes your brand and monitor their performance and optimize it in real-time to get the fastest results


We understand the importance of micro-influencer campaigns and our network of emerging talents enables us to spread your message to different generations (representing a wide variety of target groups) and fans in real time.


Our experts identify what social media conversations and trends are good for your business by providing consumer insights to find the best influencers for your cause. We will also be there to manage your campaigns, using bloggers, Instagrammers, and celebrities of your choice.