2019 will bring a lot of changes to the digital advertising landscape all around the world. There are a lot of tools at the disposal of digital marketing agencies to provide the most competitive marketing strategies to their clients to boost their revenue. The way these tools are used determines whether you will have a successful year for your brand and services, or you will be left behind by your competitors.

According to many studies from different credible sources such a Facebook, Forbes, Financial Times and others, one of the most important aspects of this year’s digital marketing landscape would be video marketing with the use of proper video production methods.

As social media will be playing a bigger role in the everyday life of most internet users in 2019, video marketing and video advertising are becoming more and more popular every day. One of the reasons is that people don’t have much time to read content and photos are quite limited in terms of how much information they can transfer to your audience. We predict live streaming will be more popular in 2019. Additionally, your marketing agency and video production agency would have to use more personalized and organic videos, in order to emotionally engage their audience better. In addition to that, 360 degree produced videos will give a strong platform to your target audience as it provides a much more clear view to the users on what sort of massage your digital marketing campaign is trying to offer them.

Thailand has the most number of YouTube users in South East Asia. This would even make video marketing more important to businesses who are based in Thailand or the ones who are trying to pitch their products or services to Thai People.

We at Ario Marketing know what the Audience in Thailand wants. We also know how different generations would respond to different video advertising production methods. Our world-class video marketing and video production services would ensure that you would not leave this important aspect of digital marketing in 2019 out of your strategy.


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