1) Avoid a Content heavy approach

If you are running a small business, you should make sure to keep it simple but engaging. Too much content or over the board designs can decrease your viewership. Keeping things without cluttering ideas into your website would show your professional approach to your business.

2) Make sure to ease the indexing process

Avoiding cluttering you page, making content simple and professional, having a proper sitemap and making sure relevant keywords are mentioned in your copies will let Google and other search engines like Google to index your business website fast and easy. It is important that the person or website agency that is building your page have a basic knowledge of SEO and uses SEO friendly instruments to make your page.

3) Have it made Mobile friendly

Google recently announced that mobile friendly websites are prioritized when it comes to indexing. If you are running a small medium sized business, it is a very terrible idea not pay attention to whether your website is mobile responsive. This means that your website can automatically adapt to different devices with different screen sizes. You need to make sure that the website design agency that you choose, is well experienced in making mobile friendly designs.

4) Controlling your Inbound Leads

In any business, it is quite important to have all the necessary means to make the most out of your inbound leads. Before purchasing a product, people usually search deep on search engines and compare different vendors or providers to pick the one that matches their interests. It is always a great idea that you have somewhere they can leave their email address or subscribe to your newsletter so you can target them again at the right time

5) Make sure all the contact details are visible

This may seem obvious to anyone with a basic of website design or to any website design agency but there are many businesses that overlook this. 

Your contact info should be visible and easily accessible anywhere on the website. I is always a great idea to also leave your contact info on the footer. Create a contact us page that apart from numbers and email addresses includes the physical address, maybe an interactive google map address, some help with the directions and the hours that your business runs on.

6) Branding should be professional

Try to keep the branding strategy on the website serious and professional in a way that would resonate with your audience and make sure to use the colors that also abides your logos and products.

Make sure to search for the best website design agency that provides you with a quality design and does not overcharge you. Going with agencies that sell services in form of packages is always a better idea.

7) Proper showcasing of your products is vital

Many small and medium sized businesses use designs that are not able to display their products properly or they just add too many services or products on one page and make the whole experience confusing and unpleasant.

No business can afford to lose clients so make sure that you leave a good impression on the buyers by showcasing your products by including nice photos, images, helpful descriptions, Q&As for each product and service. No matter how good your website looks, if you cannot show them to people properly, they won’t be buying it.

8) Make sure your page loads fast

No one has the time to wait for more than a few seconds for your page to load. If it takes too much time, people are most likely to close the page and try to find a new one.

In order to have a fast loading page, you have to make sure you have the right server and bandwidth that can deliver the results you need.

Make sure that you ask your website design agency to avoid a heavy design concept because it would make your page slower. It is very important to pick the best hosting service as well.