I order to maintain your business’s position on search engage results or rank up to gain a competitive advantage in the SEO landscape it is quite vital to have a comprehensive strategy before doing anything. Google’s most recent announcement, shifted the focus in 2019 to mobile friendly designs and page speed optimizations which created the benchmark for all SEO professionals for the time being.

1) Put mobile indexing on the top of your agenda

In short, Google prioritize mobile indexing which means Google will be looking at your website’s mobile version for indexing and scoring your page. The announcement came last year with Google basically saying that they are shifting their attention to mobile-first page indexing. You may have been already notified through your Search console in this regard.

That being said, you have to also know that this by no means convey that Google will only be looking at the mobile version of your website for SEO ranking. But still once your website is migrated that’s the first thing google will be looking in order to rank your search engine position.

So bear in mind that the mobile version of your website is of primary importance.

How to:

No matter the mobile version is fine but there are points worth noticing in the word’s of Google Trends Expert John Muller: “If you want to go responsive, better do it before the mobile-first launch”. This means you are yet to migrate your website or if you are considering to switch, do it as soon as possible. Google allows advises SEO experts to avoid responsive designs and m-dot used at the same time as it might not go down well with the Google crawlers. It is also important to use mobile speed insight services online to check your loading speed.

Professional development programmer working on website speed

2) Page speed

Google pays a lot of attention on whether you are providing the fastest and the best user experience. Desktop loading speed has been also among the important factors among the others for a long time but since July 2019, mobile page speed has become equally important in this regard.

In order to have the best SEO strategy, it is quite important to know how the page speed is actually measured. This data is extracted from Chrome User Experience analytics. This data shows whether your site loads fast enough for each visitor. Sience each user has a lot of factors that determines this speed like location, device and so on, doing local tests won’t be giving you much insight for your SEO strategy.

How to:

You can always use page speed testing website and see what problems are preventing your page to load as fast as possible and fix them.

3) Reputation matters

Luckily, Google has provided a list of recommendations to follow for the best SEO strategy in 2019 in this regard:

How to:


SEO guidelines and strategies are changing and evolving every day so it is very important to stay on top of announcements and new trends. Making sure you hire the most knowledgeable and reputable professionals and agencies who only use white hat techniques is of great importance as black hat SEO solutions are only a quick fix that usually backfire. At ArioMarketing, our team of SEO professionals are always on top of the trends and provide white hat solutions with utter precision and guaranteed results. If you are looking to know more about how we keep our clients on top of their game, leave us a message here.