Probably it is not the first time you are hearing the word “content marketing”. But are using it to give your business a boost? Read the following article done by our professional content marketing team and learn the 6 most important tactics to use in Thailand to make an impact.

1) Blogging is a Must

If you don’t have a blog, or if it’s pretty non-existent then you need to start changing your priorities. A blog will not only increase your SEO, but it will give your brand more authority, create better customer relationships and drive more traffic to your website. So what have you got to lose? Don’t just rely on your own blog either – search around for influential bloggers that you can guest post for, to help get more eyeballs on your content.

If you haven’t put an effort in blogging or your website is missing the function, then you have to seriously reconsider marketing plan. Apart from getting huge SEO boost, you will get more market coverage, manage your customers relations better and send more traffic to your page. Finding good bloggers in Thailand who would you can do collaborations with is a great start.

Before you start:

  • Try to try to understand what your audience is interested to read about
  • Be creative about your content and share them at least on a weekly basis
  • Consider collaborations with blogger and have them post stuff about your business on their blogs

2) E-Books are Great

You definitely don’t need to write a novel here. All you need to do is to find some indirect interesting subjects about your business and compile it in an E-book. You can ask your visitors to put down their emails and you have the E-book sent to their emails. This would also give you more email contacts than you already have. Make sure you put an effort in finding a creative graphic designer to make the E-book look interesting and visually engaging.

Use short simple sentences and bullet points and avoid getting to wordy. Using statistics and quotes from famous people is also going to look great on your E-Book.

Before you start:

  • Make sure you do good looking graphics
  • Find stats, quotes and other pieces of info
  • Offer it as a bonus for signing up to you mailing list

3) Videos are a Game Changer

Videos are big in South East Asia and specifically Thailand. It is the best way to find a place for your business in Thai market. Videos are easy to get info out of and it sticks to people’s heads much more effectively than text. Explainer videos in Asia and specifically Thailand are a trend that you should not close your eyes on. Think about what problems you are fixing for your clients and try to explain how you solve it for the on your video. Video production can be costly but it is worth. At ArioMarketing we are experts in creating videos with the most competitive prices.

Before you start:

  • List down the best things about your service and products with a nice warm script
  • Make a list of the problems you are solving for your audience and insert it into your script

4) Customers Like Infographics

By giving your audience stats and numbers they want to know, you are able to engage them effortlessly and stand out as an industry know-how. Again, doing visually engaging designs is the key. Make sure you invest enough time on researching your numbers and stats. It is important to always have a good story to tell as well. You can always do surveys yourself and share the data in the form of an infographic to give a much needed boost your marketing strategy.

Before you start:

  • Come up with a story with powerful design concepts and ideas
  • Do your survey homework
  • List down the places you wanna share your content

5) Public Relations is Important

You can always create a lot of awareness by doing PR activities and content marketing is the perfect match for it. Consider doing press releases like many other business in Thailand and Asia and reap the benefits. What you are going to put in your press release very much depends on the industry you are from. Could be new products, partners, events and so on. It would also give you a great SEO boost if you find a good publication with a high value website.

Before you start:

  • Find topics that people wanna know about
  • List down the publications, blogs and pages you wanna include your press release in

Webinars are a great content marketing tool in Thailand. Try to have professionals from your industry, existing clients and potential one to join your free webinar to create a conversation. Webinars can be about product features, industry knowledge and Q&As or even asking your clients about how you can improve your business. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t get a lot of live viewers. You can always use the recorded content on blogs and social media accounts.

Before you start:

  • List down your potential guests
  • Plan your discussions in advance
  • Know where and when you want to share the content