Google’s new discovery ads is the latest feature on Google advertising platform that would help people discover your business in Thailand when users are not looking for something specific and are simply looking to discover something new online . These visual ads are run on YouTube feed, Gmail as well as the newly unveiled Google discover feed. This is done through the new Google discovery campaigns which targets audiences not on keyword based but on an intent-driven targeting basis.

Discovery campaigns: another automated, multi-channel campaign type.

Advertisers must launch a Discovery campaign to run discovery ads. The new campaign type in Google Ads fits the mold of what started with Universal App campaigns (now just called App campaigns) in which advertisers upload their assets, throw in some copy ideas, and the ad serving gets handled entirely automatically across a number of Google properties.

Automated discovery campaign on multiple channels

Advertiser are going to need to run discovery campaigns in order to be able to access the features of this new ads category. This is somewhat similar to how Universal Apps Campaigns(newly named simply App campaigns) where advertisers put some copy ideas and digital banners and the ad display process is handled automatically on different Google run platforms.

Where can they show?

Discovery campaigns can show automatically on the Google Discover feed, YouTube home feed and the social and promotions tabs in Gmail.


Discovery campaign are going to be automatically places on Youtube feed, promotions and social tabs on Gmail and most importantly Google discovery feed.

What is Google Discovery Feed?

It is a home page style feed that appears on google apps and on mobile devices where users can basically tailor a feed based on their interests. With more than 800 million monthly discovery users, Google will capitalize on their account settings, web and app history, device details and location through their AMP technology.

Google Discovery ads appearance:

It depends on where these ads are placed. For example, on YouTube and Google Discover, they will look similar to native ads with images. On Gmail, it would be similar to Gmail ads campaigns. It would also be included in google shopping ads with headlines and small descriptions.

Discovery ads audience targeting:

This is done through Google’s user database based on affinity, market and interest. It is also possible to target users through intent-driven campaigns which would be based on user activities on different google run platforms. This includes search history, YouTube video streaming history, Google display network affiliated website visits and Play Store activities.

Payment Method:

Discovery ads are similar to other CPC ad campaigns where you pay per click.

Why do you need discovery ads for your business?

It’s also an indication of Google looking beyond search intent to cover the entire funnel. Discovery ads enable you to reach your audience in Thailand by taking advantage of google’s multiple popular platforms and the abundance of user data available to Google by running such campaigns. This is the same trend Facebook adopted by basically not only capitalizing on search intent ads but based on visually performance driven and striking native ads based on audience data.


Google discovery ads are a new and important feature to make sure your business reaches the right people at the right time. Setting up these campaigns can be complicated to people with no knowledge of Google advertising so make sure you find the right agency with the right experience to run your campaigns for you. At ArioMarketing, as a Google premier partner we run perfect campaigns using all the latest trends and techniques to make sure you get incredible ROI, regardless of your advertising investment or business size.