Whether you only have a simple corporate Thai website as your main digital asset or you spend a lot of money on Google advertising, native advertising platforms, popular messaging apps like Line, ads on social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn and so on, you must have fully grasped this idea that digital marketing is reaching new heights each year and will do so for a long time to come, especially in fast-developing countries like Thailand.

It’s already 2019 so you must have guessed new and more advanced digital marketing tools and strategies must be around the corner to give a push to your business and have more solid foundations in the digital realm.

Digital marketing is becoming increasingly not a choice but something brands and businesses must do in order to not get behind their competitors. Businesses are spending more money on digital advertising every year to promote the brands and product to increase their profits. For example, Google’s revenue is increasing at least 21% per year for a number of successive years with 85.8% of it being the revenue generated in their advertising business which also increased 20% in 2018 compared to 2017. This massive revenue proves that things are getting more competitive every day and this is where the need for diversity in digital marketing campaign strategies rises.

According to our analysis at ArioMarketing, we think these are going to be the main tools that will shape the digital marketing landscape for 2019 around the world:

Voice Search

Smartphones are increasingly being used for voice search as it is easy and convenient. According to data’s published by Google at least 20% of searches are being done with voice search. In addition to that, the trend of smart speakers and smart household appliances will also add up to the users who choose to search like this. It is predicted that this number will be increased to 50% by 2020. This creates new digital marketing opportunities for businesses to grow their markets.

Video marketing is one of the tools that is becoming more and more popular with digital marketers. It is so big that we have written a dedicated article about this. Click here to read the full analysis of this trend.

Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising has been a big thing in the past year and based on our assessment it will be raising in popularity among marketers in 2019 and beyond. According to the latest report by E-Marketer 83.6% of all display marketing activities across the USA will be done through programmatic advertising. It is important for companies to outsource some counseling on this subject so they won’t breach any laws or regulations while engaging in such activities.

Artificial Intelligence in Audience Targeting:

Latest data suggest that more and more companies are making use of advanced AI-powered platforms to increase profitability and reach their target audience more effectively. According to Blueshift, more than 43% of marketers are using AI to expand their audience and reach while 39% are using it for effective user targeting. this method helps marketers understand their audience and their behavior more thoroughly so they can strategize their campaigns and promotion activities more effectively. This would result in more engagement and more definitive reach for sure.

Visual Search

Internet users are looking for easier and more effortless ways to reach out for information as time passes. This will result in more businesses focusing on visual search which can facilitate that process effortlessly. EmarketandMarket predicts that spending in this area would hugely increase by 2019 with an estimated 25.65 Billion dollars in spending. By making use of visual search, users will be able to find products the see at stores or find the menu items in their favorite restaurant with just one click. Humans are visual creatures and it’s about time that this is used by marketers more effectively to increase profitability.

It is predicted that the world’s number one social media platform will continue its decline during 2019 in all age groups except +55 users which will keep their engagement to the same level. Data suggest that at least 43% of users have taken breaks from Facebook that lasted more than a week and 26% have removed the app from their smartphones which is some bad news for the internet giant.

Personalization in Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the oldest methods in digital marketing but it is evolving, keeping up with the advancement in technology, leading it to more personalized experience for the audience. While data gathering and email marketing platforms are getting more to the point, with many reports showing that personalized