In this day and age, closing your eyes on the huge potential of how social media marketing and presence can increase your sales and customer reach is out of the question. Similar to the past few years, 2019 is expected to bring even more opportunities to effectively grow your market share by using social media platforms. To do so, it is important to pay attention to these 7 tips on how to improve your social media management tactics in 2019.

There are 2.24 billion users on Facebook, 1 billion on Instagram and 330 million users on Twitter. Many of these people have the potential to become your loyal customers so you shouldn’t lose the chance to effectively engage with them.

It is very likely that you have already set up your social media accounts and trying to engage with your customers on a certain level. But is it enough for your page to reach the large number of follower you would like to have? Are you using the best social media management guidelines to maximize your efforts? If not, now is a great time to listen to our social media experts at ArioMarketing.

Whether your products are services are aimed at a B2B market or a B2C market, or whether you think Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn is where most of your potential customers are, it is important to make efforts to attract their attention to your business. With just a few simple tips on social media management, you will be able to turn your deserted social media accounts into a hub, full of engagement and presence. Get ready for the most important tactics to make the social media you always dreamt of in 2019.

1) Consider using scheduling tools.

If you are keen on improving your social media presence, being present there at the right time with the optimal frequency is the most important thing. Studies suggest that most businesses are supposed to be posting content on their social media pages almost every day and there is a great chance that you don’t have the budget to hire professionals like us at ArioMarketing to do that for you. Then how can you manage this?

Using the right tools like Buffer to schedule posts will help you manage your time and stay active on your social media pages for effective social media management.

2) Use visuals that make you stand out.

There is a sea of content on social media and in order to get noticed by potential clients, you need to create eye-catching content or else you will be ignored by people. The best way is to come up with new, artistic and trendy visuals that complement your business’s visual identity.

Consider putting a stop to using artificial stock photos in 2019. Replace them with something that can resonate with your clients emotionally. One easy way is to create organic behind the scenes photos of your staff or happy clients. You have to remember that you need to get your client’s permission before posting their photos on your social media page. This is a great way to create a bridge of trust between your business and potential clients.

3) Make your page a swift customer service center.

Turning your page into an active customer service hub is a great way to engage with your clients in 2019. Instead of keeping your clients on hold for a long time when they call your business or letting them wait forever for an email response, you can encourage them to share their needs on social media. According to recent studies, at least 54% of customers prefer to turn to social media for customer service, so you should not lose a chance to make them happy.

By using your social media page for customer service in addition to sales and engagement, you will be able to channel more traffic to your page and gain more for followers as well. It always helps with sales, if your clients see that you give your current customers fast aftersales service. Also, consider using chatbots for the times that you are not around.

4) Never miss out on trending topics on social media.

One of the great way to put your business out there for more people to notice you is to jump on board with already trending subjects in social media. In the PR business, this is called “News Hijacking”. This would make many people notice you and increase the likelihood of your posts to even go viral.

The important thing is to pay attention to what is trending. For example, when you see a subject trending on Twitter, try to include those hashtags to the posts you are planning to publish. While it always helps to keep thing relevant, these hashtags don’t need to be strictly related to your business as long as you can create a fun and engaging post. For example, if you see the international women’s day is trending in your country, just squeeze your business in.

5) Promoting social media accounts always helps

Do wait for your customers to go find your social media pages themselves and start following them. You have to make sure to tell them they exist and encourage them to follow your page and take action there. You can always add social media icons to your website, add them to your sidebars, encourage people to follow the pages at the end of your blog posts, mention them in your email marketing campaigns and even give people discounts if they follow you on social media. Having a new social media follower is always a win for your business.

You should not forget that your social media data is always available for you to access. It is important to pay close attention to this for your 2019 social media management strategy. If you know which piece of content creates more engagement, views or website visits it will give you a clear idea of what works for your audience and what does not. You have to remember to record the data available on all your social media pages to set future KPIs. You can always compare them with future ones to optimize your strategies.

Pay attention to these numbers every month: reach, engagement metrics, impressions, conversions, channeled website traffic, network performance, channel performance, and content performance metrics

Bear in mind that the data you see there does not tell you the whole story. Your social media statistics are something you need to compare with your business performance and set goals accordingly. Paying attention to the number of leads, sales, and new customers can always help with understanding the bigger picture.

7) Active engagement with your customers is the key.

Imagine you have a friend that never talks back to you or send you messages when you text them. At some point, you don’t consider them your friend anymore. Same goes with social media pages people follow. If they are not engaging with them it means they are not getting anything out of their relationship.

When someone comments on one of your posts you have respond to them or at least make the effort to like their comments. You can also create polls or question posts to encourage your audience to engage with your page.

By following the tips from social media superstarts here at Ario Marketing, you will have a great social year in 2019 and beyond.

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